The Future of the Industrial Industry: Prediction for 2023 & Beyond

New Bern, North Carolina-

Since 1966 Chemac Inc, like most firms, tries to predict the future in the industrial sector. The predictions often determine stock levels, foreign exchange allocations (as a hedge), and investments.
in a variety of markets. While predictions have varied over the years, there used to be reliable bell weathers to help indicate a direction.

Today, despite the use of computer modelling and easy access to data, the forecasting business has not become easier. The fast-paced global markets are driven today by a myriad of factors which can impact the pulse of industry from “hot” to “cold”. There is no better example than the spread of Covid and the impact this had across the board.

During a recent visit by a customer and supplier, Mr. David Wallach- CEO of Sheila Shine was introduced to one of the many advisers in Chemac Inc.’s cadre of advisors. For a small fee, Mr. Wallach tried out our advisor and considered the cost worth the valuable advice. Apparently, the prediction agrees with our CPA and other more highly compensated advisors. Unless unexpected events occur, 2023 should be a good year for firms offering quality products and services.

Chemac, Inc. uses Sheila Shine products for stainless-steel cleaning to make surfaces shine after repairs. If predictions are accurate for Chemac, Inc. this should mean Sheila Shine will also have a good year. Despite echoes of recession in the markets, we look forward to helping customers work through the coming year regardless of its outcome.