GOOD FOR THE PLANET- Chemac, Inc. Promotes “CLEAN” Within Industry

Porta Plata DR (Chemac Sales Agent) The whale seems to give a wave of approval for Chemac, Inc. goals for being a “clean operation”. Although we work in an industrial field, we do the best we can to make sure our impact on our environment remains minimized with a near zero goal.


We have many goals set for the next decades to reduce our footprint and improve the lives of our employees and neighbors.

These are just some of the items we are active or working on. Although our equipment can be driven by electric or diesel, the choice is ultimately up to the customer. Our goal is to act to improve our positive impact and learn from our factories and customers all of which strive to minimize the use of energy and use alternate sources wherever possible. We are all on the same team to improve our processes as best we can so we can deliver our quality products and services to our customers.

How do we accomplish this?

Reduce waste- by phasing out peanuts and packing with air and other materials better for the environement.

Growth of clean green- We invested in a North Carolina farm to shelter animals, grow self-sustaining foods and plant a variety of fruits and other plants.

Our North Carolina facility will use donkeys to trim grass vs tractors in over 50% of the lawn.

Our engineering team will evaluate the use of solar panels for both Texas and North Carolina.

Air travel was reduced by 85%- since 2019 as computers are used to hold remote meetings.

Offering employees a “work out area”- to incentives not driving to a gym for a lunch work out.

Our facilities have active recycling programs for paper and plastic.

Encourage employees to partake in “clean up” volunteer groups.

Zero spill policy- for shops and ground