Houston, Texas-

Despite some sectors of the economy struggling to meet demand, Bungartz production has not been impacted by the Pandemic or other disruptors to the economy. Production has remained robust at the plant and the service center in Texas has been busy keeping up with upgrades and maintenance work.


From submerged pumps and magnet-coupled chemical pumps to horizontal slurry pumps – Bungartz masters difficult and complex pumping tasks all over the world. The Bungartz centrifugal pumps are virtually cavitation-free and self-ventilating. In addition, they are resistant to solids, dry-running, self-regulating, wear-resistant, low-maintenance, and have a high level of intrinsic safety. Designed for each specific application, they are suitable for boiling, polymerising, crystallizing and toxic media in all Atex zones. No wonder the pumps are in high demand.


If your plant is having issues with centrifugal pumps in a difficult application, it may be time to contact Chemac and ask about how our line of Bungartz pumps can improve operations. Follow our link to Bungartz at:
for more information or send us an inquiry to:     chemac@chemacinc.com