TECH TIPS – Considering designing, building, or buying a pump or pumping system?

Tenafly, New Jersey-

When considering designing or buying a pump (or pump system of one or more pumps), it is important to make sure all aspects of a reliable system take many standards into account. One often overlooked great resource for any pump system- The Hydraulic Institute located in Parsippany New Jersey.

The Hydraulic Institute offers guides and ANSI recommended standards for designing and or building any type of pumping system. From centrifugal to reciprocating pumps, the design recommendations are mandatory for any engineer or firm building a system. The wide selection of books and guides covers all types of designs and specifications from centrifugal to reciprocating power pump.

The primary purpose of the Hydraulic Institute? As stated by the Hydraulic institute- To develop standards that are “adopted in the public interest and are designed to help eliminate misunderstandings between the manufacturer, the purchaser, and/or the user and to assist the purchaser in selecting and obtaining the proper product for a particular need.” When using the HI ANSI Standards, please be aware of all the notices.

Although the HI institute provides ANSI Standards, the books should be required reading for any mechanical or fluid technology engineer. Often engineers familiar with centrifugal pumps are not aware of the major characteristic differences between systems using centrifugal vs reciprocating power pumps. The guides explain best practices for all types of pumps. If your company uses any types of pumps, we highly recommend having a copy of the HI ANSI books “For Nomenclature, Definitions, Applications and Operation”. These books online guides are a good investment if your plant relies on one or more pumps.

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