New Bern, North Carolina-

Last year Team Chemac was all in in various events benefiting charities, fund raisers and local events. One of the local events was the Great River Raft Race in New Bern, NC. The race brings in tourists for local businesses and provides entertainment for locals and visitors alike.

The race is made up of “home made” water craft partaking in a race almost 2 miles up and down the Neuse River. The vessel, “Kegaladon” made its debut as the Chemac, Inc flag ship and was made of wood, barrels and straps… powered by 4 paddlers. Since the design didn’t win the race, the team is looking for new design ideas for a “guaranteed” win. Do you have any ideas that will help our team win?

If yes, please submit them to: ; referencing: “2023 Chemac, Inc. River Raft Team Captain”.

All ideas will be considered . . . and if a design is used, we will give credit at the awards ceremony and allow the selected designer pick a charity from the charity list for a $500 donation in their honor.

Help our team design the winner and we will let you know how we did!