Houston, Texas-

Although training seminars were very popular prior to the Pandemic, training and support has migrated to online seminars. Although informative, the online seminars do very little when it comes to the primary benefit of the seminar… meeting people and developing professional working relationships with suppliers and other experienced operators of equipment. Chemac, Inc’s seminars primary focus is to educate, but also to develop long term contacts in the industry.

A typical Chemac Inc. seminar lasts 3-4 days and involves a full schedule covering technical, operational, maintenance and equipment efficiency maximization. Attendees also benefited from cultural programs allowing them time to meet peers, supplier executives and key training personnel. The programs nominal cost vs benefit was highly praised by attendees many often stating this is the best mix of education and networking they have attended.

See below- Images of past seminars:



The impact of the Pandemic forced most company seminars to the internet or resulted in cancellations for several years. The Chemac Inc seminar for 2023, due to the vaccines not preventing infection, have been postponed until 2024. The management at Chemac, Inc. believe treatments and medicines will improve by then to take the risk of any infection down to near zero. In the interim, Chemac, Inc wil continue to offer on-site training and video training. A YouTube channel will be introduced this year with maintenance videos for pumps, three dimensional tools and valves


Check back frequently for updates on seminars for 2024!