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Some customers may realize too late that a pump is in need of general maintenance. The pump will then need to make a visit to one of Chemac, Inc.’s repair facilities. The first step is to contact Chemac, Inc and get an RMA# for the return of your equipment for service. It doesn’t matter how small of large the equipment is, an RMA# will help expedite your service.

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A Chemac representative will provide you with an RMA and ask several questions about the equipment to ensure our technicians know what to do before the equipment arrives. Once the RMA is logged, the customer can ship the unit to the designated repair facility. After its received, the customer will be contacted with an estimate of the repair or maintenance.

If a customer would prefer to have the work done at site, the Chemac Inc. representative will provide an offer for the remote work. In some cases, pump units are so large, it would be too costly to ship to a Chemac Inc. location. In these cases, the equipment will be serviced on site.


Often, customers prefer on-site service or training. Chemac, Inc can also offering training at-site, off-site or at one of several seminars offered by Chemac Inc. Chemac also offers private training seminars for customers with several locations.


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