New Bern, North Carolina-

Mr. Arthur Jones, President and CEO of Great Jones Productions of NYC, recently visited New Bern North Carolina to investigate the city as a potential movie location. The most well-known “movie location” in Eastern North Carolina is Wilmington, NC with over 200 films and movies shot in the city. However, Arthur is a trial blazer when it comes to making films. Director and producer of award winning films, Arthur always looks for potential and sees a film story that needs to be told in some of the most interesting places. For example, his successful film “Forbidden Cuba”, was filmed on location in Cuba and tells a story of a business man’s trials and tribulations as he carries out his corporate objectives in Cuba. Arthur also produces promotional films/videos for firms like Chemac, Inc., Sheila Shine and others.

After his visit, Arthur vowed to return and make time to stop in New Bern again. He sees the potential in the City and was very impressed by the “vibe” this little City of 30,000 has. Arthur spent
only three days in New Bern and was already seeing great opportunities for New Bern in the next few years as a location for films, untold stories and possibly a media school as part of the local
community college.

Since Arthur’s visit, a local New Bern filmmaker announced production of a movie in New Bern. D’Aja Fulmore noted that production of her film will begin in March of 2023 in the City of New Bern. Although New Bern has had films in past years, this is just the start of what could be a location alternative to Wilmington and may evolve into a go to film location for production films. Chemac, Inc. supports small businesses like Great Jones Productions which produce thoughtful, artful, entertaining, films, always willing to take risks to share a profound or endearing story. We welcome Arthur back to New Bern anytime… even if it just to talk about our shares of Husky Macaw.

Never heard of them? Watch “Forbidden Cuba” to learn more about Great Jones:
and support another small business.