Chemtech: Bungartz Presents Centrifugal Models

May 10, 2019 – Upper Saddle River NJ

A “World Pumps” article on March 29, discusses: Bungartz demonstrated functional models from its self-regulating centrifugal V-AN range and MPCVAN pump at Chemtech World Expo.

Michael Wolf, regional director of Asia-Pacific at Bungartz, presented both pumps under the heading “Self-regulating centrifugal pumps for a higher plant reliability”. Leading with a discussion of pump failures, faults and the interruption of the production. Using the example of a self-regulating, dry-running pump from the V-AN range, he explained the application of a safe pumping technology to enable a reduction of overall operating costs.

The model he used had been running at a large international chemical company for almost 10 years. He noted that  without any additional intervention it delivered in a self-regulating manner depending on a intake liquid level. He said that all pumps of the V-AN range work cavitation-free, since the NPSHR is less than 0.1m.

Visitors to the Bungartz booth were also able to operate the centrifugal pump MPCVAN using a functional model so that they could see the benefits. The intrinsically safe MPCVAN from the V-AN range self-regulating pumps has been designed for the delivery of extreme media. The magnetically coupled vertical pump is hermetically sealed and secured against operating errors. For more information, please contact Martin Fronius at