Alvin, Texas, 08/17 – Running a pump dry was always a big “no-no”, unless of course you are working with a Bungartz pump centrifugal pump using the TCC Dryrun shaft seal. Let’s take a closer look at this seal as we explain the benefits and applications in more detail…

TCC DryRun.
The innovative seal of the TCC DryRun is a shaft seal consisting of multiple frictionless components. The innovative concept for this submerged pump is based on the tried-and-tested DryRun technology invented by Bungartz. Pumps thus equipped are one hundred percent safe to run dry. Furthermore, the inert gas isolation allows safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres. In addition, the parameters for gas pressure and gas flow rate allow the condition of the shaft seal to be monitored.



  • for chemical liquids from tanks and containers, where the escape of product gas is undesirable
  • for chemical waste water with solid fractions
  • for replacing submerged pumps with slide bearings that suffer frequent bearing damage
  • for boiling-sensitive products such as hot water
  • for applications where the residual draining of vessels is desired
  • for gaseous media

  • safe to run dry, because seal and bearing
are independent from the pumping medium
  • no product-lubricated bearings
  • high submersion depths with few bearing points
  • depressurised, frictionless and robust sealing system
  • self-venting
  • modular series
  • maintenance-free for 3 to 5 years
  • low life-cycle costs
  • minimal monitoring required thanks to intrinsically safe design