Tech Tip: Gather Mag Drive Pumps Focus

Maximum pump service life for Gather Mag Drive Pumps requires following some basic important rules:

  • Intake: The maximum amount of fluid to be conveyed by the pump should flow into the pump freely and without obstructions.
  • The differential pressure the pump must overcome should be as high as necessary but as low as possible!

The pump should not be oversized in terms of capacity. It should be flexible to handle the required flow or volume. For this reason, Gather recommends using speed-variable drives.

Application in High-Temperature or Sterile Areas (SIP)

GATHER gear pumps can be cleaned in place, i. e. have CIP capability. Supplementing the unit with a steam bypass enables the pump to be sterilized in place (SIP capability). Thus, the pump pump is ideal for CIP or SIP applications.

Media and GATHER’s magnetic drive gear pump

Some fluids commonly pumped with Gather mag drive units are included below. If you are interested in a specific medium not listed below, contact or technical consultation team for assistance. We enjoy solving new challenges and applications.

Ammonia Fatty acid Glues (adhesives) Nitric acid
Ammonia liquor Hydrofluoric acid Solvents Salt solutions
Formic acid Formaldehyde Methanol Hydrochloric acid
Benzene Glycol Methyl chloride Sulfuric acid
Hydrogen cyanide Urea Nutrient solution Silicone oil
Chloroform Resins Sodium chloride Stearic acid
Chlorobenzene Hexane Sodium sulfate Toluene
Chromic acid Hop concentrate (Tetrahop) Caustic soda solution Trichloroethylene
Diesel oil Hydrazine Oleum Water
Eisen (II) chloride Isocyanate Paraffin Distilled water
Eisen (III) chloride Refrigerants (Frigene) Phosgene Fully demineralized water
Acetic acid Caustic potash solution Phosphoric acid Hydrogen peroxide
Ethanol Kerosine Propanol Xylene
Ethylbenzene Hydrocarbons Protein solution Citric Acid

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