Harvey & 50 Inches of Rain!

Alvin, Texas, 08/17 – August 25-28 will not be forgotten anytime soon by the residents and businesses in and around Houston. Hurricane Harvey impacted the Gulf Coast and dropped more than 50 inches of rain in 3 days.  This unprecedented rainfall flooded the 4th largest city in the USA and brought the Gulf Coast to a standstill. Harvey’s toll was disastrous, the storm of storms cost many lives, with homes and business flooded – many even outside the 500 year flood plain. Per some estimates, the damage could cost up to 200 billion dollars and impact the local economy for years.

Thanks to the “can do” attitude of Texans and Texan helping Texans the hard job of cleaning up began as the waters started to recede.  The Chemac, Inc. Alvin facility escaped damage from the storm and was operational as soon as employees were able to safely return.  Most of our employees escaped without major damage to their homes.  In order to help those in greater need, Chemac Texas employees were given time to volunteer with local assistance groups.  Local help was also sponsored through the Rotary Clubs and Disaster Aid USA amongst many other groups.

Chemac, Inc sends a special THANK YOU to all customers, friends and supporters, who reached out to us during this terrifying storm. The overwhelming calls were not from customers worried about their shipments or equipment in Texas, but from caring customers, friends and coworkers, eager to find out if everyone was OK and what they can do to help. These offers of support and concern are truly appreciated and we are extremely grateful. We were glad to report our Texas Team is OK and our building was high and dry. A special heartfelt THANK YOU for your concern.

If you still wish to help others in need in Texas, we can suggest reading this article for highly rated local charities doing great work in the area.