BIG Pumps Roll out of Texas

July 2013

Texas – An order for two large process pumps recently rolled out of the Chemac Inc Alvin Texas facility. The complete pump skids weighed approximately 48,000lbs each and required a large flat-bed truck and special permits to get to the final destination.

Although Chemac Inc in Alvin is accustomed to heavy pumps, this was a special project that highlighted the strength of the Uraca brand of pumps. During the pilot plant stage, the customer chose the Uraca brand pump based on its global quality reputation and Chemac Inc customer service. A project can fail or excel based on a decision made early in the process. In this case, the pilot plant was a success without any pumping issues and resulted in Chemac Inc being selected as the primary pump supplier for this process. From small pumps, for the pilot plant, to the largest pumps for the production plant, the customer selected Chemac Inc. as the vendor for process critical pumps. From high pressure fluid pumps to compressors, Chemac Inc. offers high quality equipment and services for pressure applications in almost all industries.