Chemac Inc Announces Cooperation with Bungartz Pumps

Bungartz Pumps for Fertilizer Applications

09/2015 NJ – Chemac, Inc. announced its expanding its high quality pump offering for fertilizer plants with the addition of Bungartz centrifugal pumps. The Bungartz pumps are ideal for fertilizer plants applications for Ammonia Nitrate melt and _46A6494Ammonia Nitrate solutions. The centrifugal pumps add to the range of high quality  valves, ammonia and carbamate plunger pumps already offered by Chemac Inc for the fertilizer industry.

Bungartz pumps are well known high quality pumps for many other applications including:

  • Shaft sealing solutions for difficult media
  • Gas and steam containing liquids
  • Foam liquids
  • Liquids close to the boiling point
  • Tanker unloading systems
  • Pumping out of a vacuum with low liquid suction levels
  • Self regulating pumps for condensate, chemical waste water and pumping out all types of solid/liquid-separators (like vacuum belt filters and centrifuges etc)

The Bungartz pumps are for centrifugal pump applications up to 30bar (435psi) and up to 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit).

Look for upcoming data and web site updates reflecting the new Bungartz product line. Our goals are to offer customers the highest in safety, reliability and quality and Bungartz meets these expectations with leading technology and technical support.M-Umor42-30

We look forward to hearing about your centrifugal pumps needs for fertilizer plants and how the growing cooperation between Chemac Inc and Bungartz can be put to work for your facility.