Chemac Inc. and Zlatko Altiparmakov Cooperate

Extraction Facility

February 13, 2013

Chemac Inc. would like to announce its cooperation with Zlatko Altiparmakov, who has joined Chemac Inc.’ s specialist network in the supercritical extraction field.

This cooperation has the following benefits for customers:

    • Chemac Inc. has the ability to supply from lab to plant scale
    • Lab testing
    • Consulting services
    • Engineering and design work
    • Experience is the best teacher, and the cooperation brings together a world of experience

As a Chemac Inc specialist in C02, Zlatko Altiparmakov offers customers the benefit of his many years of experience on a project basis. Customers interested in small pilot plants to large production plants can work with him to develop the most efficient process for extraction facilities based on the latest designs. How can we put our experience to work for your project?

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