Are you an “Old Timer”? Focus – Elmar Mueller

Bad Urach, Germany – For most of Chemac Inc.’s 50+ year history, there is one German name known throughout North America by customers who have been in the industry for many decades. Although he retired many years ago, he is still fondly remembered by many “old timers” who had the opportunity to work with him over his 45 years working with industrial pumps. The name is Elmar Mueller an icon of his time. 

Elmar, AKA “Yogi Bear” because he enjoyed the Yogi Bear cartoons during visits to North America, is now 84 years old living in Germany. If you met him at a job site, you could not forget him. He worked hard, demanded perfection, and brought a tremendous skill set to customer sites. He especially enjoyed visiting North America. During down time, he especially enjoyed telling stories about his jacket made of “leather ant” hides or other stories about his global adventures. Elmar worked on Uraca pumps all over the world, sometimes in the harshest environments. He was also a mentor to key employees at Chemac Inc. Elmar may be retired from Uraca, but his legacy lives on in the memories he created. For the last 18 years, Elmar has been enjoying retirement with his wife, sons, and grandchildren. 

Can you spot Elmar in the image above? If you recognize him, then you can qualify as an “old timer”. Welcome to the club!