2019 – Service and Support Tips for Shop Repair

The Chemac, Inc. Service Centers want to make your repairs as quick and efficient as possible. IF equipment needs to be repaired at any of our shops, the service team recommends following these guidelines: 

  1. Call 1-800-217-8677 and get an RMA# for your repair from a Service Rep. The agent will identify the best location to ship to for repairs and ask about why the unit requires repairs. Please be ready to provide the serial # of the equipment. The RMA # must then be noted on your packing slip. The RMA # makes it easier for our service centers to identify the service item and get it back to you faster.
  2. Always drain oil from oil reservoirs. Pumps/equipment cannot be shipped with leaks. Also, please note, pumps/equipment must be returned without oil. Please remember to add oil after receipt. This is noted on the oil cap.
  3. Before shipping or getting an RMA#, we recommend speaking to a tech before hand. It is possible the problem you are experiencing isnt related to our equipment. Please verify the issue and if we can identify the problem, we can get you the RMA #.
  4. When shipping equipment, please ensure items are securely packed and cannot be damaged in transport. On occasion, equipment is damaged more from improper packing than the original service report required.
  5. Inside the box, please include a list of items for the technicians to repair/evaluate with all you contact information.

We appreciate your business and are working on getting your equipment back to you ASAP.