Uraca designs new 3D tools for tank cleaning applications

Alvin, Texas, 12/17 – The Uraca brand 3D cleaning tools has a tremendous reputation for saving customers countless hours in production time while improving product quality and safety. The 3D TWK family has been imitated, but was never successfully copied to provide the same long run times, cleaning impact and all around Uraca quality. Thus, the Uraca family of TWK cleaning tools are a class onto themselves ensuring long life and maximizing ROI for both end users and contractors alike.

Uraca recently announced the introduction of two additional tools for HP cleaning in 2018. The NEW TWK 18-500 and the TWK 13-1200 continue the tradition of excellence in the Uraca family high pressure cleaning tools. The new tools are offering the same customers expect from Uraca brand tools and can be used in explosive environments with pressure up to 1,200 bar (approx. 18,000psi).

Look for the new fliers on our web site in 2018! If you wish to receive the new flier upon release, please email Vilma your email address and company name at vgc@chemacinc.com and Vilma will send you the flier once released.