Tech Tip – The Importance of Pump Alignment

By Brielle Dalvano

July 2014

NJ – Many pump failures and operating problems can be traced to pump misalignment, commonly between a pump and motor. Misalignment may occur during transportation, due to thermal expansion, piping strain, movement of the foundation, shaft deflection, etc. and can cause premature pump failures and unnecessary expenditures. While a pump’s tolerance to misalignment varies based on its rpm, power rating, coupling type, etc., problems that often accompany misalignment included increased friction and displaced energy, failure of bearings and seals, increased operating vibration, and/or broken shafts. Always check your pump for misalignment and know the symptoms of improper alignment. The following methods may be used to solve alignment issues:

  • A simple straightedge method
  • Dial indicators
  • A laser optics alignment system

From the simple, straightedge alignment method to the more technologically advanced, laser optics method, ensuring that a pump is properly aligned prevents unnecessary production down-times, helps prevent part failures, and keeps pumps operating smoothly. 

Kindly note, all pumps must be checked for alignment prior to start-up. Pumps that have been shipped from the factory must also be checked as they can become misaligned during transportation. Always check pump alignment to avoid production complications and pump damage!

For alignment tools, customers may consult the following specialists (company names are linked):

For more information about alignment or other pump issues, please feel free to contact Chemac via email at or by calling us at 1-201-934-3300 or toll free at 1-800-217-8677 (USA & Canada).