News from our Factory in Oberhausen, Germany – Kempchen

June 2014

Oberhausen, Germany – Kempchen has been actively participating in world conferences and exhibitions to showcase their world renowned sealing technology: high quality gaskets, packings, and compensators. Earlier this month, our factory participated in Maintain 2014, the international trade fair for industrial maintenance. The Maintain trade fair is consistently one of the most important meeting places for the maintenance community. Kempchen was one of 227 exhibitors at the fair.

In the upcoming months, Kempchen will participate in the Engineering Summit, DIAM, the gat/wat discussion meetings, and the Valve World Expo. The Engineering Summit is scheduled to take place from July 1-2 in Mannheim, Germany, where our factory will be an exhibitor and showcase high quality sealing products. DIAM, the German industrial valves fair, and the gat/wat discussion meetings, focusing on everything related to natural gas and drinking water, also present a great opportunity to showcase products and interact with interested visitors. The former is scheduled for September 1718 and the latter is from September 29 – October 1. Furthermore, this December, Kempchen will be a co-exhibitor at the 9th Biennial Valve World Conference and Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Looking to 2015, Kempchen is also participating in the FDBR symposium in March.

Visit the following links for more information about the conferences and exhibitions: