Maintenance – Keep Your Pumps Running!

Upper Saddle River, NJ — Just like you should take care of your health, your equipment needs checkups and general maintenance. If a pump starts to knock or make funny noises it is time to investigate what can be going wrong. If there is any doubt, always contact Chemac Inc and speak to a knowledgeable Engineer or technician. Waiting for a unit to fail due to a preventable issue can result in very costly repairs down the road. The best telltale for a pump having issues is noise and readings. If pressure and oil are all OK and the pump is suddenly making noise, it time to evaluate what the problem is, before it gets worse. Ignoring obvious issues will not make the problem go away and could result in catastrophic failure.

The best plan of approach is following the maintenance manual for regular oil changes and review of the pump. However, even in the best of circumstances, there could be other issues impacting your pump performance. If there is any doubt, contact Chemac Inc. for a review of your issues. Here are some good reasons for renewed training or troubleshooting by Chemac, Inc. 

  1. Pumps keep having similar failures or issues.
  2. Cost of maintenance has gone up and reliability has gone down.
  3. Pump makes funny or loud noises and you cant ID problem.
  4. Oil temp increases and or pump gets hot.
  5. Startup or repair was not made by OEM or OEM certified service center.
  6. Pump can’t build pressure or pressure is irregular.
  7. Supply or discharge pipes are breaking lose.
  8. Plant operators or maintenance team are not familiar with OEM maintenance procedures.

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