The upgrading of equipment and facilities at Chemac locations continues. The most recent arrivals at Chemac include new pressure test pumps, hydro cleaning stations, and additional forklifts and fleet vehicles. The first units arrived recently in Chemac’s New Bern facility. A new Uraca Jet Power will update present testing facilities and allow for remote
and local testing. All recent equipment and facility upgrades allow Chemac to increase testing, repair turnaround, and heavy lift capabilities.



The new URACA Jet Power, seen here being mounted on a trailer, will provide New Bern a new test pump. The unit will be mounted on a heavy load trailer for easy mobility to and from test sites. After testing trials, Texas will also receive a new testing unit. The units will be great new additions to the on and off-site testing capabilities at Chemac. The Jet Powers are also available for purchase in many pressure and flow ranges. See our literature links for more info.


The BE parts washer model G3000 is a new addition to the parts cleaners at Chemac Inc. The G3000 is capable of cleaning small parts and larger items up to 1,500lbs. The state-of-the-art cleaning machine improves parts cleaning and repair turn-around time.