High Pressure Cleaning Application – Coal Plant Combustion Chamber Cleaning

Uraca – Even the most modern coal power plants require regular cleaning of hard, almost rock like, deposits that build up on the edges of the combustion chamber. These chambers are up to 65 meters high and would normally need to be cleaned using scaffolding and or industrial climbers. This is costly, time-consuming and often dangerous work. The customer was looking for a faster, safer and more efficient solution to this problem with their contractor.


After evaluating several options, the customer and contractor selected a Uraca JetPower 670HP, TWK 185-1200 and an RPE positioning device to tackle the difficult task.  The goal was to clean the chamber within 48 hours.  Using several pumps and cleaning tools, the contractor was able to complete this task by optimizing cleaning points and using Uraca pumps and tools.


For all cleaning applications requiring high pressure, Uraca tools and systems are world leaders in offering solutions to some of the toughest cleaning applications. From manual to automatic systems, meeting the goals for safety, reliability, and efficiency… we provide solutions that work. For more information about assisting with your applications contact jgeronimo@chemacinc.com