When a Gasket isnt a “ Kempchen Gasket”…

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Upper Saddle River NJ – It isnt uncommon for most Buyers to look at a gasket as a simple part to produce and apply. However. anyone who works fixing industrial leaks can attest that there is a world of difference in the gasket world. This applies to packing and other sealing materials as well. Why does Chemac, Inc. offer Kempchen sealing equipment? The simple answer, we offer quality solutions with the best sealing equipment for difficult applications… and Kempchen is the world leader in high quality specialty gaskets and sealing equipment.


Over many years, we have seen many examples of sealing gaskets/packing made to the same specifications as Kempchen, but the quality was just not the same. While Kempchen isnt regarded as a “low cost” producer in the general market, Kempchen is known for high quality products and long term solutions to sealing problems. The Kempchen quality may come at some additional cost over low cost producers, but the Kempchen savings can also be dramatic over time. It is estimated by some specialist in the process industry that over US$ 600,000 are lost every day in preventable gasket failures. This is astounding. The lesson may be that looking for the low cost supplier for sealing equipment isnt working for the industry as a whole while seeking to reduce cost. When is a gasket not a Kempchen Gasket? This we refer to as the “K” factor.


It is important to highlight, just having quality sealing equipment isnt the only factor in ensuring proper functioning of leakage prevention parts. The proper installation is also critical. Improper installation or application may be one of the leading causes of failure for sealing equipment. Always ensure the proper material is used for the application and the sealing equipment is installed properly. Follow all the OEM guidelines for safe storage, installation and use of the sealing equipment to improve safety. If you find that you are replacing gaskets, seals often and losing production as a result, then it may be time to look at alternatives. We welcome your inquires for Kempchen gaskets. Your sealing solution may just be one phone call or email away at 1-800-217-8677 chemac@chemacinc.com find out what potential saving there may be for your process by using the “K” factor.

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