Uraca Pumps: Plunger Type

URACA P-Series High Pressure Plunger Pumps
A series of industrial high-pressure plunger pumps incorporating modern design for the performance range up to approx. 1,600 kW in round-the-clock, continuous duty. The performance range of the URACA P-Series is subdivided into three groups:
  • P3-80 (3 plungers)
  • P5-80 (5 plungers)
  • P7-80 (7 plungers)
The advantages of the P-Series pumps include compact design, good power-to-weight ratio, low operating costs, minimal pressure pulsation, and time-proven URACA quality. All power ends feature force-feed lubrication and oil cooling. Innovative monitoring systems ensure high operational reliability. The number of different components has been reduced to a minimum. Connection rod load and stroke, in addition to all power end internal components with the exception of the crankshaft, are identical on all models. The liquid ends are also standardized accordingly (i.e. valve blocks and stuffing boxes), reducing the number of different parts. The process and industrial pumps P3-80, P5-80 and P7-80 have been designed for all conceivable pumping tasks in the range of high and ultra-high pressures:
  • Low-viscosity to pasty
  • Alkaline to acidic
  • Neutral to toxic
  • Clean to abrasive
  URACA KD Series Plunger Pumps The URACA KD series plunger pumps are used for handling thin liquids to pasty substances with aggressive, neutral, abrasive, hot or toxic properties. The power ends are of standard design, whereas the liquid ends are custom built. The materials of the wetted part are selected according to the liquid, e.g. carbon steels, chromium steels, chrome nickel steels, duplex stainless steels, aluminum bronze, or if necessary Hastelloy, tantalum, titanium or inconel alloys. The main features of the KD series pumps are forced power end lubrication and the exact alignment of the stuffing boxes within the power end, allowing for easy maintenance. Low specific loads on all moving parts prolong service life. Click here for KD 800 Series Plunger Pump specifications. Contact us for info and specifications on other KD-Series pumps.

  Benefits of our pump line:
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Long service life
  • Excellent service
  • Reliable and durable
  • Triplex, quinteplex and septoplex pumps
  • Morgoil 5xKD716-04 (2)Accessories (valves, resonators, etc.)
Chemac can offer process plunger pumps for:
  • Ammonia and Carbamate Service
  • Slurries
  • Detergents and soaps
  • Oil, lubricants and pasty substances
  • Acids and other caustic liquids
  • C02 and other supercritical gases
  • Forge Press, lubrication and descale pumps for steel manufacturing
  • Off shore pumping units
  • Oil field pumps
  • Deburring pumps
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