Uraca Concrete Demolition

Vario Jet: State of the Art Hydrodemolition of Concrete  The URACA Vario Jet epitomizes economical, efficent and careful large-surface demolition of concrete. The hydrodemolition technique has clear advantages compared to other methods. (surface milling, pneumatic hammer, flame jetting).  Advantages:
  • No formation of microcracks in the concrete.
  • No damage to the reinforcement.
  • Complete rust removal on reinforcement.
  • Good environmental compatibility.
  • Selective demolition through "natural intelligence" of water jet.
  Flexibility: Optimum surface performance and variable cutting technology through user-defined parameters:
  • 360° swivel-mounted and rotatable cutting unit.
  • User programmable oscilating pendulum movement of lance nozzle.
  • User programmable jet angle.
  • User programmable feed modus/rate, switch or continual mode.
  • User programmable cutting width.
  • User programmable speed.
  Technical Features:
  • Automotive/self-propelled 4-wheel electric vehicle with 2 steerable and 2 powered/driven wheels.
  • Programmable controls for cutting data and digital display for settings.
  • Remote control for easy positioning.
  • High performance and low maintenance electrhydraulic drive system.
  • Effective spray guard for cutting unit.
  • Wide range of nozzles available: single nozzles, rotating cleaning nozzles RWD, rotating cutting nozzles RAD, etc.)
PDF Data Sheets: Uraca Concrete Demolition

PDF files require Adobe Reader 7 or later

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