High Pressure Water Division

HDR_Behaelter-Innenreinigung_d_Page_04_Image_0001 The High Pressure Water Division (HPWD) specializes in high-pressure water applications. No chemicals needed, just environmentally friendly water. Pressure ranges from 2,000 psi to 87,000 psi. The division is responsible for all equipment and services for water-blasting, deburring, descaling, concrete/removal, confined space cleaning, three and two dimensional cleaning equipment/systems, and water jet cutting. The HPWD offers plunger pump packages, pumping systems, cleaning systems, valves, water-blast tools, accessories, intensifier pumps, and services. Contact the HPWD and find out how water can be used to improve your bottom line. 

Some Typical Applications:
  • Concrete Cleaning, Resurfacing, and Demolition
  • Automated & Manual Vessel Cleaning:
    • Chemical Reactors
    • Tankers & Railcars
    • Cement Mixers
    • IBC Totes
  • Sewer and Pipe Cleaning
  • Waterjet Cutting
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