COVID-19 Pandemic Update

UPDATE December 16, 2020

New Bern, NC:

Chemac Inc is continuing to provide essential services to critical industries in the biomedical and industrial sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following changes have occurred since our last update in July: 

  1. Field support operations are back in service for 2021( as long as we can travel to the service destination). This is subject to change per CDC and other company guidelines.
  2. Development of our New Bern, NC site is COMPLETE.  We are now able to receive shop repairs in North Carolina. Please call our offices to schedule at 1-800-217-8677 or email
  3. Presently, we are not planning to attend any Trade shows in 2021. We are dedicating our resources to customer needs. If you are interested in scheduling an onsite service or visit, please coordinate with our team as early as possible. We are also happy to offer classes and training at our recently completed New Bern, NC facility.   
  4. Interested in a zoom meeting to go over your project or high pressure needs? We can schedule active project meetings with an engineer. Contact us at
  5. Since the Covid-19 outbreak in March, costs have been impacted as a result of the virus. From cargo to FX markets, prices have gone up across the board. We are working to mitigate these costs as much as possible. 
  6. Great milestone – Chemac Inc has had no confirmed cases of Covid-19 since the outbreak. 

In order to continue providing the best possible service, Chemac Inc will expand on the Uraca video platform by offering self-help videos to assist customers with simple maintenance issues.  We look forward to releasing these helpful videos later in 2021. If you have any specific interests for these videos, please let us know at

As of this date, there are many promising vaccines in the pipeline. However, we do not believe this will be a “cure all” and these rapidly changing Covid type viruses will be with us for the foreseeable future. Thus, we will continue to do the best we can to keep our workplaces safe for customers and employees alike. Please check back for more updates in 2021.

UPDATE July 16, 2020

Chemac Inc is continuing to provide essential services to critical industries in the biomedical and industrial sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following changes have occurred since our last update: 

  1. We are resuming limited field support operations as deemed necessary by our team
  2. Development of our New Bern, NC site is continuing
  3. The 2020 Waterjet Technology Association has cancelled its 2020 WJTA expo originally scheduled for November 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana
  4. IFAT’s 2020 event has been cancelled in Munich
  5. Events related to the waterjet and high pressure pump industries continue to be postponed, cancelled, or converted to virtual formats. Consult with event websites for the most up to date information on their status

A note on field support: Traveling to customer sites to perform service has become increasingly dangerous as the SARS-CoV-2 virus continues to wreak havoc in the United States. Furthermore, the logistics required for such operations, namely travel and lodging, have become increasingly expensive and/or difficult to acquire. It is therefore in the best interest of all parties to limit in-person service calls as much as possible. 

In order to continue providing the best possible service we can, Chemac Inc is currently investigating methods of remote service and assistance using videoconferencing technology and other solutions. We look forward to releasing an update in the near future on how we can continue to assist our clients when physical visits are not possible. 

UPDATE April 7, 2020 

As an essential supplier to customers manufacturing badly needed medical supplies, cleaning agents and lab equipment Chemac, Inc is working with State and local authorities to ensure our facilities stay open and servicing these critical manufacturers and research facilities. Steps we have taken to date to ensure the supply chain include:

  1. Advised each location to strictly follow CDC guidelines.
  2. No non-essential visitors to Chemac locations until stay at home rules are lifted.
  3. Prioritize shipments to manufacturers providing needed medical or cleaning supplies and/or research in the fight against this virus.
  4. Requested sub-suppliers increase stock to better supply Chemac, Inc locations.
  5. Developed back up procedures in case of complete closures by various States.
  6. Provided our facilities with cleaning agents to ensure clean workspaces.
  7. Continued work on our new facility in North Carolina
  8. Continuous monitoring of the evolving Pandemic to ensure we respond appropriately to any new information.
  9. We are supporting our Federal, State and local authorities in response to this crisis. This is no time for politics. It’s a time for action.
  10. Investigating using our resources/contacts to brainstorm ideas to help.

Our number one goal is the safety of our employees, customers, sub-suppliers and their families, friends and coworkers. If we can keep everyone healthy, then we can continue doing our part during this global Pandemic.

Until travel restriction are lifted nationwide, Chemac, Inc is not sending out any field support. Customers are requested to contact Customer service and arrange to have equipment shipped to Chemac Inc for service or request remote support.

We take this opportunity to thank all our front line first responders, medical personnel, cleaning crews, store employees, military, truck drivers, and everyone working to fight the virus, care for the sick or keep supply chains from breaking down. As we pray for the speedy recovery of the ill and mourn the loss of the fallen, we are also grateful for all those that stay at home following CDC guidelines preventing this from getting worse. This “war” is against the unseen, but we shall prevail as we have always done. Rest assured; we will work to ensure the supply chain remains strong as our customer’s ramp up production to meet the critical needs to win this fight. 

Please check back regularly for updated news concerning our operations and response to changing conditions, State orders and the impact these may have on the way we work.

March 27, 2020 

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the delivery of goods at major US ports and airports as some truckers are refusing to pick up freight.  Truckers have submitted images to Chemac of crowded waiting rooms where truckers wait to pick up papers for their loads. Additional images showed long lines of trucks in queue waiting for access to the loading areas.

While we are working with our logistics team to re-route freight to ports better organized during this crisis, we still have delays getting freight out of major ports. As far as we are concerned, there is no need to let truckers sit in waiting rooms. We recommend that airlines and freight handling facilities adopt Pandemic procedures for the safe pick up of freight. Truckers should be able to check in via their cell phones and be advised at which door the freight is ready. For deliveries and pick ups, drivers do not have to enter our facilities or come closer to anyone than 6 feet. Truckers should not be herded into enclosed spaces to pick up or deliver freight. All CDC guidelines must always be followed. 

We encourage all freight distribution centers, airlines, and ports to properly secure their pickup and drop off areas to keep in line with the CDC Guidelines. 

Thank you for your patience if your freight has been delayed due to the pandemic.