Water Jet Cutting Systems

The Uraca compact high-pressure intensifier has been specially designed for use in water jet cutting systems.

The high-pressure intensifier is easy-to-service and consists of:

  • Hydraulic unit
  • Sound insulated enclosure
  • High-pressure intensifier pump unit with piping
  • Cabinet mounted integral control system

All components in contact with the pressure fluid are made of high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steels. Essential components are subjected to an autofrettage treatment, which increases the service life.

During the autofrettage process, items are subjected to pressure several times greater than the operating pressure. Plungers are made of hard metal. The high-pressure components’ service life is materially influenced by water quality.

Total Control – Cabinet Mounted Control System:

  • System for controlling and monitoring all HP intensifier functions
  • Cutting water pressure control with proportional pressure controller
  • Integral pressure control device via control panel
  • External set-point for pressure setting via analog signal
  • Control panel on the front side of the HP intensifier with 2 x 20 character text display. All messages and alarms displayed in plain language and can be custom made.

Standard Features Include:

  • High pressure filter
  • Automatic high pressure relief valve
  • Fork lift bosses
  • Separate drip pans for high-pressure unit and hydraulic unit
  • Welded bottom zone to contain the total tank contents
  • Feed-water supply automatic shut-off valve
  • Optional Equipment Available


  • Custom designs for manufacturers of aqua/jet cutting systems.
  • Other accessories available for varying requirements.
  • Quality Chemac 24/7/365 Parts and Service

PDF Data Sheets: Water Jet Cutting