Our HOFER non-lubricated piston compressors work without oil or other lubrication at the piston, preventing contamination of the compressed gas. A simple crank-drive design makes compressors from this line especially affordable. On their own, our HOFER non-lubricated piston compressors are capable of providing discharge pressures of up to 2,900 psi (200 bar). For applications requiring higher pressure, a diaphragm amplifier can be equipped as an additional stage of compression.

Design Features
  • discharge pressure up to 2,900 psi (200 bar)
  • dry running piston for lubricant-free compression
  • easy maintenance
  • stage pressure ratios up to 5
  • up to 6 stages
  • mass compensation for foundation-free installation
  • wear resistant and smooth operation due to low piston speeds
  • water cooling provides the best cooling effect as well as a low sound pressure level
  • manufactured in compliance with 2006/42/EC EC-Machinery Directive. Applied standards: DIN EN 1012 part 1, DIN EN 12100 part 1, DIN EN 60204 part 1 et al.
  • explosion proof according to European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95), if necessary
Type Examples:
50 TK 300 Two-Stage Double-Acting Piston Compressor
Model 50 TK 300
Suction capacity 300 Nm3 / h
Type of gas methane
Suction pressure 5 bar abs
Discharge pressure 46 bar abs
70 TK 550 Two-Stage Double-Acting Piston Compressor
Model 70 TK 550
Suction capacity 550 Nm3 / h
Type of gas methane
Suction pressure 5.5 bar abs
Discharge pressure 70 bar abs
Piston Compressor with Diaphragm Amplifier:120 TK 500/MKZ 350-40 
Model 120 TK 500/MKZ 350-40 (vertical L-design with final diaphragm stage)
Suction capacity 500 m3 / h (VN)
Type of gas N2
Suction pressure 16 bar abs
Discharge pressure 301 bar abs

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