Chemac Inc – Developing Web site for high pressure water in 2018

Upper Saddle River, NJ, 07/17 – As one of the earliest companies in the pumping business to start a website, Chemac, Inc. is developing a new platform for 2018 focused on high pressure pumps, tools and equipment. The target will be the contractor market and the new site will be the “go to” site, for news, technical support, parts and services for all high pressure water applications for contractors. The site will be introduced in phases throughout 2018 and will be linked to Chemac, Inc.’s main site.

If you are a contractor, contact Vilma Coveli at, and let her know you want to be on the email list to receive the notice when the website is up and running. We look forward to inviting users and implementing their regular feedback to constantly improve the web site.

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